Sunday, February 17, 2008


The insignia thief must have turned himself in, because we're allowed off the plane.

But while the flight attendant has her decorations back, we're without luggage. It's still in Miami, where we had a tight connection.

Fortunately, there are two more Miami-Rio flights that day. The airline promises to deliver that afternoon.

There's something oddly liberating about being bagless. I make a mental note to quietly throw my luggage on another conveyor belt upon return in Raleigh.

If I file a report with the airline's lost and found office, someone else will bring it home free of charge.

Stinky and empty-handed, we head to our hotel.


RvR said...

You are entitled to $500 spending money on clothes if the bags arrive 24 hours late if you had a "legal"connection+$50 cash for toiletries etc.

Emerson Rossetti said...

good luck on your trip to South America

Emerson R